Our formative proposal is developed mainly in three areas:

– HR: Pathways centered on the management of human resources and on the development of managerial skills using original and engaging methodologies capable of simulating real business contexts; The training experiences in this field are mainly addressed to HR managers, managers and administrators.

– SALES: Routes centered on the “world of Sales”, both retail and “sales network”, using innovative, entertaining and extremely effective methodologies that address all the phases typical of the retail world (with particular focus on up-selling and On cross-selling) customizable on the corporate service model; The formative experiences in this field are mainly addressed to salesmen, agents, commercial and sales managers.

– Transversal Skills: pathways centered on the development of necessary skills in different business areas such as teambuilding, maindfulness, communication, time management and problem solving, etc.;
The training experiences in this field are mainly addressed to HR managers, managers, sector managers and coordinators.

Training methods

The training methodologies used are many and are chosen according to the training objectives, the company’s characteristics and the customer’s preferences. Our training courses are flexible and customizable: we are in fact convinced that each customer is different and special for this customize the entire path, including tools, to meet his needs and have an ever greater ROI Training. In our paths we make the protagonist the person proposing activities of simulation pleasant and stimulating, able to excite and involve it, thus guaranteeing a greater effectiveness.
Here are some of the most used methodologies:

These are real “games”, characterized by scoreboards, pawns and cards that allow participants, through a gamification methodology, to compete in teams, to make choices of valuation and investment, simulating situations and contexts Professional, to better master the whole process and to evaluate the different options a priori.
Each Games is customizable in the design phase to make the formative experience a very reliable simulation of the company reality. These are the games we use most frequently:

• Sim Sales: A game focused on the sales process and the management of the customer package. It is mainly aimed at the sales network: agents, commercials and sales managers.
• Sim Sales Retail: A game focused on the sales process typical of the retail world and on the management of the individual customer. It is mainly aimed at sales reps, salesmen and store managers.
• Sim Talent: A game aimed at the HR world that allows the simulation of the different phases of the management of human resources in the company. It is mainly aimed at companies and their HR managers.

These software can also be used by tablets and smartphones, able to stimulate learning in a fast and entertaining way, creating formative situations “outside the classroom” that go to consolidate learnings made in other contexts.

These are the reinforcement Learning tools that we use most frequently:
• Video role Play: is a training platform that allows you to activate “role-playing” on specific themes using simply a webcam, or a mobile device.
• Training Challenge: This is a formative game that allows participants to challenge themselves virtually in quizzes on specific themes defined according to their business needs.
• Learning App: is a mobile learning platform accessible from smartphones, tablets and PCs that provides a virtual environment in which you can upload training material.

The Indoor Training is characterized by a continuous collaboration and interaction between participants and trainer, with active and interactive sessions through the exchange of experience and experiences, interspersed with role-playing (RPGs), exercises, Discussion of business cases (and self-cases) in order to encourage the involvement of participants. The students are then placed in the optimum conditions in order to apply the theoretical contents transferred, in a perspective of a knowledge that becomes also know how to do but, above all, knowing how to be.
We offer our customers the possibility to create and use virtual training spaces, characterized by the best 3d technologies, that allow not only a highly interactive formative experience able to involve simultaneously subjects They are located in different geographic realities but also the visualization and three-dimensional breakdown of products, objects and projects.
Our experiential training proposals are tailored to the customer’s needs and assume that “doing” stimulates reflection and consolidates learning that “doing together” consolidates the group and improves relational dynamics. The experiences offered are the most diverse: from Adventure in nature, to theatre of enterprise, to experience with sports testimonials, to an evening dedicated to “Bacchus and Management”, addressed to managers who want to improve their competence in capturing the Weak signals, just to name a few.
The assesment we prefer is Thalento ®: an online platform offering innovative technological solutions to various issues related to the world of human resources management. Thalento ® allows to generate different reports from a single Suite of questionnaires, performance and cognitive and skill tests, in different fields: from assessment to selection, from management of competence to reporting From managing a team to monitoring business performance.

This tool allows to obtain a detailed and objective analysis of a resource according to the indicators that most characterize its performances, the motivations that most influence it, of its cognitive abilities or even Depending on the specific position that the resource will cover and the skills that are deemed necessary for that role, thus allowing to aim effectively not only the selection phase but also the training interventions.

“Who is already beginning to be halfway through the work,” is the basis of our onboarding tool, the application. The usefulness of this tool is to involve resources even before they physically enter on the workplace. The use of this platform consents to optimize the times by facilitating the absorption of information of both technical and behavioral nature.

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