Learning App

It is an easy-to-use educational/informative platform available from all mobile devices: tablets, smartphones and lap-tops. It is a mobile-learning platform that allows access to training content anywhere and at any time, offering for this a “learning always at your fingertips”.

For an ease of use and flexibility, it is the ideal tool for providing distance training courses to a large number of users. LEARNINGAPP ® is an interactive system that provides the user’s daily solicitation/stimulation by sending notifications to their mobile device. These reminders have the function of “invoking” the contents of the training course and soliciting their application during the daily activities.

The user interaction with the platform is also done through the virtual classroom, a space where users can confront each other in a sort of virtual community, presenting ideas for reflection and concrete experiences and where they can interact directly with a tutor to expose questions or ask for clarification on the content.

The platform also proposes weekly verification tests, increasing the involvement and participation of the user who has the opportunity to continually put the test of their learning. The tests are also an important tool for the company to monitor the progress of the course and to verify the “Return on Investment” (ROI).

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