Because training is a game to play till the end.

 Because training is a game to share.

Because training is a challenge we face with passion.

Because training is a game…incredibly serious.

Our strenghts


Our instruments are always innovative, chosen among the best available on the international scene, always abreast of new proposals and new technologies.


Our proposals are fun, engaging and motivating, thus optimizing the formative experience.


Our goal is to maximise the return on investment, producing tangible results in company production.

Networktraining: Together for the well-being of your company.
What we can offer


We specialize in staff training on transversal and relational skills, with a focus on the world of HR and sales


We offer the company a consultancy at 360 °, from the definition of the objectives and the company strategies to the management, planning and optimization of human resources.


Our goal is to identify the perfect profile of the resource sought: for this we work side by side with the company research team to identify the characteristics and the best peculiarities.

Some of our clients

Media Market, owner of the electrical appliances global leader Mediaworld brand, purchased the customized version of Thalento platform with autonomous access. They use the questionnaire to assess their candidates, both in the recruitment and in the job rotation phase.

Media World

Insurance brokerage and risk management global leader chose Sim Talent purchasing a customized board and contents. To complete the training process two training days have been planned across 2017 addressed to the Sales Management force.


Partner of the international group Cromology player, is a leading company in the field of production and sale of building paints in Italy. It started in 2017 a training course aimed at the management of human resources that involved 45 manager with three editions of the game Sim Talent, personalized with internal consultancy. In the preliminary phase was administered Thalento with the MCI report, dedicated to managerial skills.


Meet our team

Luigi Migliore

I am an organizational psychologist. After an experience in a company, I began a freelance career as business trainer and then, still unsatisfied, I founded Network Training in 1999.
I chose Network Training because… (more…)

Mark Bicknell

I have worked as Sales Director and Main Director in 3 different companies and in 7 different countries. I chose Network Training because…


Giulia Ruzzante

I mastered in Adult and continuing education. I deal with training project management and with our learning reinforcements technologies.. I chose Network Training because…


Valentina Cocozza

I mastered in Labour Law and I am passionate about HR Sector. Since it allows me to pay attention to the worker position from numerous points of view. I chose Network Training because…


Filippo Maria Lanzieri

I mastered in Sociology and here at Network Training I mainly deal with recruitment and marketing. I chose Network Training because…



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